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How to play


Shuffle the cards and deal them face-down, in piles, next to all the players. It does not matter if some players receive an extra card. Starting from the left of the dealer each player in turn, without looking at their cards, turns over the top card from their pile (away from themselves), forming a new stack of face-up cards beside their face-down pile. Play continues until a player spots a card that matches a card on another player’s pile. Any player who spots the two matching cards shouts out “Snap Fit”.

The first player to call out “Snap Fit” takes the loser’s face up cards, placing them beneath their face-down pile.

If they make a false call they must give one card to each player.

Every time a “Snap” occurs all the other players perform the action on the matching cards for 10 seconds, counted down by the successful snapper.

Note: if the successful snapper is not one of the players whose cards matched then they win both players’ pace-up piles!

The player to the left of the snapper restarts the game. If two players call “Snap Fit” at the same then their piles are combined and placed face-up in the centre of the table to form a snap fit pot. When a card is turned over that matches the top of the Snap fit pot, the first player to call “Snap Fit” wins both the Snap fit pot and the matching pile. If you run out of cards in your face-down pile, turn over your face-up pile to continue play.

Players who lose all their cards continue to take part in the game, looking for and calling out snaps made by the other players. The winner is the player who gains all the other player’s cards.


  1. Turn all cards over and spread action cards face down
  2. Players take turns to turn over any 2 random cards
  3. NO MATCH - Turn the cards back face down
  4. MATCH - Player keeps cards
  5. Other Players perform actions on the matching cards for count of 10
  6. The aim is to remember what was on the card and where it is.
  7. The Game is over when all cards are matched.
  8. The winner is the player with the most matching cards

Have Fun!